Diadora + AR HomeGrown Series

Diadora US is proud to introduce our partnership with Ace Rivington. Inclusive, inspired, earth conscious and service oriented - Ace Rivington is a denim brand focused on building a better product. Located in Santa Barbara, California - the well-known vacation destination - Ace Rivington makes high end denim with full tailoring and a lifetime warranty and now offers Diadora Footwear both in store and online."

Ace Rivington produces their denim fabric outside of Milan, Italy with renowned denim mill Candiani. Being located near Diadora's company owned factory in Italy offers great synergy rooted in Italian quality and craftsmanship that Ace Rivington and Diadora share. Ace Rivington currently has one brick and mortar retail store in Santa Barbara where Beau Lawrence, company founder, operates design and development for the business.

Diadora and Ace Rivington are celebrating this collaboration through a multi part video series using a lens that highlights Santa Barbara locals who share the same vision, authenticity and desire to make a positive impact in their own businesses and work.

Diadora X Ace Rivington HomeGrown Series launches 6/17/21 at 6:00 PM PST with a video featuring Alejandro Medina. Medina is owner of Bibi Ji - a modern Indian eatery in Santa Barbara known as the premier place between LA and SF to find sought after natural wines. Born and raised in Santa Barbara, Medina plays an integral role in the wine industry of the Santa Barbara restaurant community and beyond. Medina's training in classical wine producers has crossed over into forward thinking wines of purpose with an emphasis on regenerative agriculture.

"We are excited to work with Diadora to share their incredible heritage products and brand story with our community. The continued dedication to their own authenticity that makes up the Diadora brand is an inspired example of what we strive for at Ace Rivington and we're very proud to share the Diadora story with our Santa Barbara community."

- Beau Lawrence, Ace Rivington, Founder & Chief Executive Officer



Diadora + Ace Rivington HomeGrown Series, featuring Alejandro Medina




Diadora + Ace Rivington HomeGrown Series, featuring Daniela Dunne from the Carlin Dunne Foundation



Diadora + Ace Rivington HomeGrown Series, Episode 3, featuring Wallace Piatt from Rodeo Art Gallery 




Diadora + Ace Rivington HomeGrown Series, Episode 4, featuring Roger Durling, Executive Director from Santa Barbara International Film Festival




Diadora + Ace Rivington HomeGrown Series, Episode 5, featuring Beau Lawrence, Founder of Ace Rivington





Diadora + Ace Rivington HomeGrown Series, Episode 6, featuring Julia Mayer, Dune Coffee + Carpinteria Skate Foundation