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    Prepare to fall in love with Ace Rivington.

    We are a brand inspired by the spirit of adventure that comes with visiting new destinations…and looking great on the journey. Fashion basics that don’t go out of style, super soft fabrics you’ll want to live in, updated fits…and product that will look great for years to come is our focus.


    Beau Lawrence, Founder and President of Ace Rivington, has over 20 years of experience working in design and development of men’s jeanswear. Lawrence ventured out on his own in November of 2013 and launched this brand based on a unique fabric, a dream and a pilot’s story. “When I came across it, all I could think was that I wanted to live in this fabric.” Within weeks of finding the fabric, Beau quit his job, incorporated the brand, made his first Homespun French Terry sweatshirt prototype and launched it on Kickstarter. With overwhelming interest and support, Ace Rivington was successfully funded at over 200% to goal raising over $60,000 in 34 days. This launch was proof of concept to dive head first into building out the full collection…leading up to our Holiday 2014 launch.