Huge congrats to Scott T. on his wins! This guy knows what's up when it comes to setting and crushing goals. Cutting out alcohol and sugar is no small feat, but Scott's been feeling the health benefits and it's paying off big time. And that 50 mile ride? Pure boss status.

We're super pumped for Scott, who was just named a weekly finalist for the sweetest giveaway from yours truly, Ace Rivington. The prize? A custom-tailored outfit that includes a pair of custom-tailored jeans and a height-tailored winter flannel shirt. Talk about a perfect fit!

Get into the running this week by sending us a video of yourself letting us know your thoughts on your Ace Rivington Gear. Any takers? If not, we'll be hooking Scott up with a wardrobe that's not only gonna look killer, but also provide all the comfort and support he needs for his next big adventure. Every time he slips into those jeans or throws on that flannel, he'll be reminded of the badass he is.

So, here's to you, Scott! Keep crushing those goals and welcome into the running for a custom-tailored prize from Ace Rivington. Congrats again!

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