Date:  November 15, 2017

Disaster:  Hurricane Harvey

Organization Supported:  Texas Forever Foundation

Contribution:  All proceeds from Walker Lukens / Ace Rivington / Santa Barbara Chamber of Commerce event

Following Hurricane Harvey disaster, Ace Rivington hosted a fundraiser in Santa Barbara to support Texas Forever Foundation.  Texas, and specifically the Manready Mercantile brand, and Houston area have played a special role in Ace Rivington's we were quick to step up and support our friends and Texas with this contribution.

On Friday, November 17, 2017 Ace Rivington hosted a Grand Opening Store event.  All the proceeds will go to Hurricane Harvey.

 The event will be at Impact Hub in Santa Barbara & will include amazing live music with Walker Lukens beginning at 6:30 PM, delicious food & drinks courtesy of Finch and Fork, Tamales Togo and Viva Taco Bar, dancing and much more! 
All proceeds from the event will go to support Hurricane Harvey, so you can feel good knowing you are partying for a cause!

Sponsored by Ace Rivington and the Santa Barbara Chamber of Commerce.

Can't make it to the event, but still want to support a good cause?

The TEXAS FOREVER® Tees, by Manready Mercantile,  are available for purchase.

The proceeds support Hurricane Harvey.