Get to Know Us

Hi, I'm Beau Lawrence, Founder of Ace Rivington. 

Ace Rivington is a premium men’s & women's denim brand based in Santa Barbara, CA, focused on building high quality products and best-in-class service.
I launched Ace Rivington in 2013 on Kickstarter from my garage, fueled by a dream and 16 years of global denim design & product development experience.
We've built a tight-knit, committed team and we look forward to serving all of your denim needs.

 Kickstarter Video that Launched the Brand in 2013



We work exclusively with Candiani Denim, one of the most sustainably focused denim producers in the world. Not only does Candiani produce high-quality material but they're considered the "greenest textile company in the blue world." (You can read more about their Sustainability Manifesto here)

When you use the best, it's easy to offer a lifetime warranty.