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In June of 2019 just like any other day a rad customer came into Ace Rivington to get some jeans and have them tailored. These black jeans were for a special purpose, to wear in the winners circle at a race the customer had coming up. This Dude was with his mom and a friend, and his name was Carlin Dunne. For those related to the motorcycle or racing world, that name needs no introduction. For me, he was just another rad person who I got to spend time with in the shop. Fast forward a month, on July 4th of that year his mom called me in the shop to see about me tailoring black jeans for her and Carlin’s sister, Daniela, to wear to Carlin’s funeral. The shop has become a great place for me to stay connected with Daniela and her amazing mom as they’ve worked through the last couple of years. Losing family at the same time has personally made it easier for me to relate to their loss, and its been exciting to watch Daniela in her creation of the @carlindunnefoundation. This foundation shines a light on establishing community around traumatic head injury in the action sports world. Next Thursday 7/22 we are launching the Diadora + Ace Rivington “Daniela Dunne” Homegrown Series event in store and on zoom. If you “get off the ground”, this community is for you. 20% of all Ace Rivington proceeds on Thursday (in store and online) will be donated to the Carlin Dunne Foundation.

Thanks for the support, Beau


Video Featuring:

Daniela Dunne // @daniela.dunne

The Carlin Dunne Foundation //@carlindunnefoundation @carlin_dunne // https://carlindunne.org

@diadora // @diadoralifestyle // @squadradicorsa // https://www.diadora.com/en/us

@acerivington // http://www.acerivington.com

Director: Andrew Rurik // @andrew_rurik

Cinematography: Tim Ross // @timxross

Editor: Betsy Johnson // @betsjohnson

Production Manager: Kate Eckberg // @callme_kate

Music: ”All That’s Left” - Voyageur // @wearevoyageur

Photographer: @zackharris_photography

Production Company: @thirdshiftcreative // http://www.thirdshiftcreative.com







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