Thanksgiving Traditions

We caught up with a few of our favorite fashion influencers to find out about their Turkey Day Traditions:

Kelvin Davis, Notoriously Dapper

What makes Thankgiving Special to you?

What makes Thanksgiving special to me is all the family time I get to have. My sister, cousins, grandma, aunts and uncles all come over and we have a blast. Talking about memories and even current moments we have shared! It's truly special even more now that I have kids of my own because my kids get to now share those moments! 


Do you have any favorite traditions with the holiday?

Yes, I sure do! My favorite one is all the trash talk about the Clemson vs Carolina rivalry game!! My sister went to Clemson and I went to Carolina. It's going to be even more awesome this year because Clemson is the number 1 team in the nation and Carolina has a losing season. But I think we could not only win the in state rivalry game but also ruin Clemson's perfect undefeated season!!!


What is your favorite dish (that you're guaranteed to go back to for seconds)?

My favorite dish is my mom's dressing (stuffing)!! It's so good!! I go back for seconds thirds and fourths! It's so moist you don't even need to chew it! It's so delicious and I honestly can get enough of it! 



Jessica Fay, Lipstick Heels & Baby

We interviewed her husband, Ryan.

What makes Thankgiving Special to you?

Family, food, football and beer.

Do you have any favorite traditions with the holiday?

Enjoying a fun day at the golf course.

What is your favorite dish (that you're guaranteed to go back to for seconds)?

Turkey, mashed potatoes, and tri-tip. 


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