Vancrafted on life's adventures and taking chances

Recently we caught up with Kelly & Brendan from Vancrafted between adventures.

AR: What inspired you to get into your business? 

VC: Brendan and I have both been making and creating from a young age.  After working separately at the top of the creative industry in NYC for years, we felt that our work could become more prolific if we worked together and with companies that we believed in.  Moving to a place that allowed for continuous inspiration was an impetous for a big change - having the space to work hard and grow together.  We wanted fresh air, proximity to nature, and a chance to become part of a community - that recipe could only be achieved by going into business together and taking a leap into uncharted territory.  

AR: What is your favorite motto?

VC: “Do first.”  I’m not sure where this compilation of two words originated, but it has been a constant and continuous mantra of ours since the inception of Vancrafted.  It pertains to every part of our life, business, and travel.  If you want people to know your worth or recognize your ideas, make something or do something that expresses it.  No one is going to design the life you are looking for other than yourself. 

AR: What is your favorite destination to travel to?

VC: In the United States, the most surprisingly breathtaking place we traveled to in our van was the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho.  Neither Brendan nor I had any idea the beauty that Idaho held (I had read that Hemingway lived and fly fished there, but never took the time to investigate the landscape).  We did a backpacking trip into the wilderness and camped at Sawtooth Lake - an alpine lake about 5 miles from the nearest trailhead.  A bear woke us up in the middle of the night, brushing up against the tent - but it was totally worth it.  

AR: What’s on your bucket list of where you still want to go?  Why?

VC: The hike to Havasu Falls in Arizona is definitely high on our list.  We desperately wanted to see the turquoise water falls when we were on our journey, but I ended up getting some pretty serious heat exhaustion on the sweltering drive through Death Valley (no AC in 128 degree dessert will do that to ya!), so by the time we got to the Grand Canyon, we were taking things really slowly.  Unfortunately, I was not up for the hike then, so we’ve got to go back!

AR: What are your travel essentials?

VC: Moleskines for writing down the details, a Kammock for a place to rest when out in the woods, a Fuji Film x100 camera, and certainly, each other.

AR: What is on your playlist right now?

VC: Leon Bridges.  

AR: For anyone visiting your town, what is a go-to restaurant that can’t me missed?   What’s your favorite dish on the menu?

VC: The Olympia Tea Room - “Famous, not fancy” - the lobster roll is outta this world.

AR: Describe your personal style.

VC: Simplistic, monotone color palette of clean lines, quality fabrics that can be worn over and over.

AR: What is your favorite Ace Rivington product?

VC: The t-shirts are soft as can be, fit to perfection, and simple.  They are our favorite tees.

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