Manready Mercantile Cedar + Sage Soy Candles

The product that started Manready Mercantile! T.S. Weaver took whiskey glasses from his pantry, bought a little soy wax and essential oil and started making candles on his stove. He went door-to-door selling them to businesses to prove a point that folks can make it these days if they just get creative, word hard, and never give up! Let's just say that these candles were quite the hit! Clean Burning Soy Wax* Each Candle Hand Poured in Small Batches Re-usable Whiskey Glass All-Natural Essential Oils 9oz - 40 hour burn time Cotton Wick Cedar & Sage: Bitter, woodsy but somber scent with notes moss and leather *Soy wax burns clean, unlike petroleum wax, so it won't leave soot or carcinogens in the air. For the best result, Allow the wax to form a puddle before turning off. Trim the wick to about 1/4" before every burn.

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