Ace Rivington - Flying Ace Tee

$ 49.00

Flying Ace Tee

100% Cotton Vintage Heavy Weight Short Sleeve Tee

Ace Rivington was born into living life on the edge, here's the story why....

If one word defines the Rivington family, it's adventure.  Ace's great grandfather, Cornelius ("Corny") is the first we know about, but there are family legends going back to the middle ages (mostly due to a tiny French village called Rivington whose stone church dates back centuries, and whose gravestones feature the family name).  
Corny wasn't even born on land.  He came into the world in high seas the night of April 5, 1883 as his parents made passage across the Atlantic to Ellis Island, New York.  His father had found work as a stone mason and eventually moved the family to Dayton, Ohio where Cornelius would grow up making things.  


Made in Santa Barbara