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Ace Rivington

Caswell Massey Number Sic After-Shave

Caswell Massey Number Sic After-Shave

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Our Number Six After Shave has all the classic, aromatic and citrus-forward notes of our beautiful and complex original 1772 Number Six formulation, with a lighter hint of amber, floral, and musk notes. A splash of alcohol to sanitize and a touch of Menthol is added to cool and soothe your skin after a close shave.

The scent of the after-shave has top notes of sparkling bergamot, rosemary and white narcissus that set the stage for a vibrant heart of clove and 27 secret aromatics. At the dry-down, hand-selected premium-harvest lavender creates a warm, inviting base for this long-lasting, truly amazing fragrance that was created for and continues to scent the extraordinary, dynamic men who make things happen in our world.

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